राजस्थांनी भासा
Rajasthani Language
  • Indo-Iranian
  • Indo-Aryan
    • Central zone
      • Western Hindi
          • Hindostani
          • Punjabi
    • Western zone
        • Gujrati
        • Rajasthani [raj]
            • Standard Marwari
              • Marwari  [mkd] (India)
                • Godwari  [gdx] (India)
                • Mewari  [mtr] (India)
                • Merwari  [wry] (India)
              • Marwari  [mri] (Pakistan)
                • Goaria  [gig] (Pakistan)
                • Loarki  [lrk] (Pakistan)
                • Dhatki  [mki] (Pakistan)
            • Shekhawati  [swv] (India)
            • Dhundari  [dhd] (India)
          • Unclassified
            • Bagri  [bgq] (India)
            • Lohar, Gade  [gda] (India)
            • Gurgula  [ggg] (Pakistan)
            • Gujari  [gju] (India)
            • Harauti  [hoj] (India)
            • Lambadi  [lmn] (India)
            • Malvi  [mup] (India)
            • Nimadi  [noe] (India)
    There is a rock inscription in Sirohi in which we find the mention of Rajasthani and Rajasthan.  Jawerchand Meghani, a renowned litterateur of Gujarat had said about Gujarati language that the original name of our Gujarati mother tongue was Rajasthani. Like other languages of the Indo-Aryan family, Gujarati is derived from Sanskrit through Prakrit and Apabhramsha. The Gujarati language that is widely used today evolved much later.
    The language originally spoken in Gujarat and West Rajasthan was known as old western Rajasthani and then as Maru Gujar. Apabhramsha or ancient Gujarati was spoken in this region between the 11th and the 14th century. Old Gujarati then evolved after the establishment of the Sultanate of Gujarat in the 15th century. But it was in the 17th century that the foundations of modern Gujarat were laid राजस्थानी री लिपि (मोडी)