Aachho आछौ good
Aabh  आभ sky
Aago  आगौ away, far
Aagal आगळ wooden rod to fasten the leaves of a door
Aaglo  आगलौ foremost
Aagunch  अगूंछ  advance
Aajyo (Aavjo) आज्यो (आवजो)  request to come
Aakdo  आकड़ौ medicinal shrub plant with big leaves and bad odour botanical name Callotropis procera
Aakhar  आखर  word
Aambli आंबली  tamarind
Aambo आंबौ mango
Aa.ngi  आंगी  traditional blouse worn by ladies
Aangli  आंगळी  finger
Aa'ndhi   आं'धी  windstorm, blind woman
Aank  आंक  numbers
Aakro  आकरौ heavy
Aankharli  आंखड़ली  a song sung when the husband of daughter comes first time to his in-laws, eye
Aankharliyan  आंखड़ल्यां  eyes
Aa'ndho  आं'धो  blind man
Aantro  आंतरौ distance, interval
Aanwati  आंवती  future
Aapano आपणौ ours
Aavaili  आवैली  will come (female)
Aavaili  आवैलो  will come (male)
Aavjo  आवजो  request to come
Aavno आवणौ  to come
Aba'r  अबार very recently, now
Adao  अड़ावौ land kept for grazing of animals
Adane  अडाणै  kept on mortgage
Aik  अेक  one
Ai  अै  these
Algo  अळगौ away, far
Anan sanan  अनाण सनाण  distinguishing feature
Anjanyau  अणजाण  un-known
Anhui  अणहुई  not happened
Ar  अर  and
Ardano  अरडाणौ call of cattle
Athai  अठै  here
Athwado  अठवाड़ौ food material left in dish

Baachhi  बाछी  Young cow
Baagar  बागर  bundles of bajra (Poola) stacked properly for future use
Baal  बाळ  to burn, air, hair
Baan  बान  Ganesha pujan ceremony at the beginning of a marriage
Baanch  बांच  to read
Baan'ka  बां'का  theirs
Baasedo बासेड़ौ festival in which people worship "Sheetla Mata," the goddess of small-pox on Sheetla Ashtama day; People don't cook any food and would eat the food made of earlier day. They make seven dishes, the day before and then do pooja and they eat those the whole day. Small pox is supposed to be caused by heat, that is the myth behind this festival.
Baante  बांटै  lease, batai of a land
Baanth-bojha  बांठ-बोज़ा  same as 'sood'
Baarai  बारै  outside
Baaro kado  बारो काडो  to take one turn of taking water from a well
Babo  बाबो  Tau, father's elder brother
Bachyoda  बच्योड़ा  left out, balance
Badali  बादळी  cloud
Badera  बडेरा  ancestors
Badhawo  बधावौ Song sung when daughter is sent to sasural (in-laws)
Badhnon  बधणौ to grow
Badka  बडका  ancestors
Badkulya  बड़कुल्या  round dish type of items made from cow dung with hole at centre for garland making
Bai  बै  they
Baidhaki  बैढकी  Pregnant young cow
Bain  बैन  Sister
Bajraq  बज़राक़  a fatal weapon, the thunderbolt of Indra
Bajro  बाजरौ a desert cerial crop which is most common food grain
Baju Bandh  बाजूबंध  armlet
Balad बळद bull
Balaji  बालाजी  Lord Hanuman
Balam बालम  husband, Lover
Balyee  बाळी  silly woman (called with love)
Balyo  बाळ्यौ silly man (called with love)
Balno  बाळ्णौ to burn
Bangari  बंगड़ी  golden bangles
Baman  बामण  brahman
Banithani  बणीठणी  ladies properly dressed with appropriate makeup and ornaments
Bansdo बांसड़ौ foul smell, bamboo
Baonli  बंवळी  plant with botanical name Acacia jacquemontii used as fodder and its roots used as dying material for leather
Barai kadho  बारै काडो  to take out
Bari  बारी Window
Barno  बारणौ Gate
Bapji बापजी  A respectful words like His highness, Sir.
Bapkano  बापकाणौ silly man (with a bad taste)
Bardi  बरड़ी  a woolen blanket made of black and white wool in check pattern
Bark  बरक  fatigue and stress in muscles due to excessive work
Baru  बरू  weed resembling bajra crop which is a good fodder for cows
Baste  बास्ते  fire
Batewoo  बटेऊ  guest
Bathai  बठै  there
Batko  बाटकौ an utensil of bronze metal in the shape of a middle plate with round corners, it is also the term for money offered as gift
Baulai  बौळाई  sector in a residential campus used to dry up the gobar of cattle and prepare thepadi etc
Bavji  बावजी  God,
Bavno बावणौ sowing seeds
Bawli  बावळी  mad (woman)
Bawlo  बावळौ mad (man)
Bawalyo   बावळयौ Babool
Bayee  बाई  sister
Beed  बीड़  grazing land
Beejno  बीजणो  sowing seeds
Beejnon  बीजणों  a hand fan
Beejoliyo बिजोलियो  a bag made of cloth to keep the seeds for sowing by a farmer in field
Been  बीन  bridegroom
Beend बींद bridegroom
Beendni  बींदणी  bride
Beeri  बीरी  Sister
Beero  बीरो  Brother
Bekario  बेकरियौ herbal plant with botanical name Indigofera cordifolia which is a good fodder for camel
Bekaro बेकरौ sand
Bero  बेरौ information, to know
Besh  बेश  pair of chunadi and ghagra gifted to ladies
Bhaan  भाण  sister
Bhaanej  भाणेज  sister's son
Bhaat  भात  also called Mayero, maternal uncles bring gifts for the Mother, Cooked rice.
Bhaant  भांत  Verity
Bhankadi  भांकड़ी a grass with spiny fruits very much liked by camel as a feed and having medicinal values for curing stones
Bhapan  भापण  eyelash
Bhar  भर  a long radiating sand dune found in desert which are formed due to piling up of shifting sand
Bharauti  भरौटी  headload of grass for feeding cattle
Bharautiyo  भरौटियौ headload of fuel for burning
Bharoont  भरूंट  a good fodder grass with spiny flowers palatable by animals, botanical name-Cenchrus setigerus
Bhartar भरतार  husband
Bhac भव life
Bhau भौ fear
Bhaut  भौत  very much, plenty of things
Bhayli  भायली  female friend, friendship
Bhaylo  भायलौ male friend
Bhayo  भायौ Brother
Bhavat  भावत  brother's wife, bhabhi
Bhavali भावळी Farm labour work
Bheench  भींच  to press (in between)
Bheet  भीत wall
Bheli  भेली  a compacted mass of gur
Bheli  भेळी collected, together
Bhojai  भोजाई  brother's wife, bhabhi
Bhoowa  भुवा  Paternal aunt
Bhopa  भोपा  a community that earns their living through singing songs of heroic persons depicted on phads made of canvas
Bhotar  भोतर  next birth
Bhuari  भुवारी  a broom stick
Bhujano  भुजाणौ erase
Bilia  बिलिया  plastic or ivory bangles
Bilowano  बिलोवणौ churning milk
Binani  बीनणी  wife, groom
Birakha  बिरखा  rain
Birajno बिराजणौ to seat
Bobo  बोबो breast of female
Bodo  बोदो old, a weak boy
Bolo  बोळो  very much, deaf
Borlo  बोरलो  ornament put on forehead by ladies
Bui  बुई  a herbal plant with white flowers and leathery leaves. It is used a a medicine for burns and stomach pain, botanical name Aerva tomentosa
Byagi  ब्यागी  delivery of female animal
Byav  ब्याव  marriage

Chaak  चाक  ceremony to worship the wheel of kumhar at the time of marriage of a boy or girl
Chaav  चाव  like
Chanani  चानणी  light of moon, tent put in functions, coloured overhead tent
Charko  चरकौ taste mix of salt and chilly
Charo  चारौ fodder, grass
Chau  चऊ  lower iron part of plaugh
Chaubaro  चौबारौ first floor room, open from all sides
Chaudai-dhadai  चोड़ै-धाड़ै  in day light
Chaudhar  चौधर  justice
Chaudhary  चौधरी  village head, one who does justice
Chaumaso  चौमासो  rainy season
Cheedo  चीडो  difficult to bite
Cheel  चील  kite
Cheela  चीला  railway track, rajasthani dosa
Cheelgadi  चीलगाडी  aeroplane
Chhak  छाक  brunch of a farmer
Chhalo(Chhaj)  छालौ (छाज) an untensil made of primarly sticks used to sort wout grain
Chhana  छाणा  dried cow dung
Chhano छानौ hidden
Chhanta  छांटा  rain-drops
Chhav  छाव  animal in heat
Chhinki  छींकी  a net made of rope put on mouth of an animal to prevent grazing
Chhori  छोरी  girl
Chhoro  छोरौ boy
Chhuchhak  छुछक  a ceremony performed by maternal side after a month of his birth
Chintho  चिंथो  to crush
Chirkali  चिड़कली  bird, house sparrow
Chirmarat  चिरमराट  pinching
Chokha  चोखा  Rice, good looking
Chokhi  चोखी  good looking
Chokho  चोखो  good
Choliyo  चोळियौ shirt
Choon  चून  flaur
Choondi  चूंदड़ी  traditional Chunni made of bandhej, brother would bring this as a gift for sister in bhat (Mayro) at marriage of her child
Choongyo  चूनग्यो  lost the way
Chotiyo  चोटियो  a woolen wear used by children to cover the body
Choutho  चौठौ  village common place, chaupal
Chunadi  चूनड़ी  rajasthani print audhana
Chunyodi  चुण्योड़ी  elected
Chyarankani  च्यारांकानी  in all sides

Daagalo डागळौ floor (open from all side)
Daam  दाम  value
Daangara  डांगरा  cattle
Daankhala  डांखळा  straw
Daat  दात  utensils, clothes, ornaments etc offered to bridegroom and his relatives by bride side in marriage
Daayjo  दायजो  dowry
Dadi  दादी  grandmother
Dado  दादौ grandfather
Dairi  डैरी  a field with flat land in arid areas
Dantali  दंताळी  impliment to level ground, 
Dalidar  दळिदर  poor
Dana  दाणा  grains
Daataldi दातल्डी A instrument use to cut grass
Dawdi  डावड़ी  term used to address a female with affection
Dedo-dedo  डेडो-डेडो  not straight, oblique, at a distance
Desawar देसावर foreign
Deel  डील  body
Deesawar  दीसावर  foreign
Deeval  दीवळ  white ants
Devar  देवर  younger brother of husband
Derani  देराणी  wife of husband's younger brother
Dhabalo  धाबळो  traditional petticoat made of wool, decorated with kasheeda and lawan
Dhale  ढळे  falling down
Dhamal  धमाळ  falgun folk songs
Dhandha ढांढा cattle
Dhani  ढाणी  small hamlet of one or a few houses
Dhapgyo  धाप्ग्यौ satisfied
Dharav धराव cattle
Dharo  ढारौ  room used for storage of fodder for animals
Dharo  धड़ौ barter
Dharo  धाड़ौ loot
Dharo  धोरौ a long radiating sand dune found in desert which are formed due to piling up of shifting sand
Dhaulo  धौळौ white
Dhavlo  धवळौ white
Dhedh  ढेढ  alternate name of harijan
Dheladi ढैलड़ी peacock (female)
Dhinganon  धिंगाणौ forcibly
Dhinmaan धिनमांन Thank you
Dhiro  ढीरौ twigs of jhadberi cut and used for fodder or fencing
Dholi  ढोली  drum beater
Dholo  ढोलौ traditional hemi-spherical ceiling
Dhoongari  ढूंगरी  heap of gwar pods
Dhuaro  धुआरो  a brass metal pitcher to milk cow
Dhuro  धुड़ौ send
Dhunga  ढुंगा  rectal hips
Dhyangi  ध्यानगी  daily wages
Dhyankyo  ध्यानक्यौ farm labour
Dinchhipe  दिनछिपे  sunset
Dindhhle  दिनढळे  sunset
Dinuge  दिनूगे  sunrise
Doka  डोका  straw of bajra
Dol  डोल  a big container made of tin
Doliyo  डोलियो  a small container
Do'ro  दो'रो  difficulty
Dungari  डूंगरी  hillock
Dyorani  द्योराणी  wife of husband's younger brother

Fad  फड़  story of Pabuji depicted on canvas
Fajiti  फजीती  insult
Fali  फळी  pod
Falko  फलकौ bread of wheat
Falso  फळ्सौ main gate
Fini  फीणी  an ornament worn on forehrad beneath boralo
Footari  फूटरी  beautiful
France  फ्रांस  a fast growing arid zone tree with leaves similar to a pine tree botanical name Tamarix articulata
Fugo  फुगौ baloon

Gabha गाभा cloths
Gadadi  गादड़ fox
Gailo  गैलौ way, a man of foolish nature
Gainan गैणां ornaments
Gairo  गैरौ dark
Gajban  गजबण  Lover (Woman), wife
Gali  गळी  a narrow passage in a fencing, street
Gandasi  गंडासी  variety of axe
Gangaur  गणगौर  The spring festival of Gangour, symbolic of the ripened harvest is held in honour of Gauri, the goddess of abundance. The image of the diety is carried in a procession by gaily dressed men and women. A sight more exhilarating than the entire population of a city thus assembled for the purpose of rejoicing is hard to imagine.
Gaontara  गामतरा  village tour
Gasio  गासियौ mouthful
Gatto  गट्टौ pucca terrace made around a tree, a wooden utensil to keep paan for smoking
Gaur  गौर  a shed or pen or place used for keeping cattle
Geegan  गीगन  sky
Geend  गींड  dirt of eyes
Geer  गीर  Start and sing the song[Geet geer dyo]
Ger  गैर Rajasthani folk-dance
Gero  गेरो  weak boy
Ghaba  घाबा  clothes
Ghagharo  घागरौ petticoat
Ghal  घाल  to give
Ghamgyo घमग्यौ lost
Ghana  घणां very much
Ghang  घांग  weak
Ghankhara  घणखरा  mostly, mainly
Ghardeeth  घरदीठ  house wise
Ghee  घी  butter
Ghilodi घिलोड़ि pot used to heat ghee
Ghin  घिन  repulsive feelings
Ghoba  घोबा  pain
Ghol  घोळ  to dissolve, solution
Ghol-mathol  घोळ-मथोळ  to mix, to confuse
Ghoto  घोटौ mace, an epithet of Hanuman
Ghugario  घूगरियो  a small bell, an ornament worn around the ankles
Ghughari  घूगरी  boiled cerials distributed on special occasions
Ghumar  घूमर  Rajasthani folk-dance
Ghungo  घुंगौ solid sticky nasal matter
Ghunghato  घूंगटौ a veil which conceals the face of a woman
Gindar  गिंदड़ Rajasthani folk-dance
Gindi  गिण्डी  ball
Gobalia  गोबळिया  green fresh leaves of khejri tree
Goda  गोडा  knee
Gogoji गोगोजी folk-deity
Gokhroo  गोखरू  seeds of a grass used to feed cattles
Gokhru  गोखरु  Bracelets
Goo  गू  latrine
Goon  गून  gum
Goontho  गूंठौ thumb
Gora  गोरा  fair colour, a britisher
Gorband  गोरबंद  decoratives used for camels
Gormo  गोरमो  path for cows in a village, cows and bedfellows sent for grazing in group
Gordi  गोरड़ी  wife
Goto  गोटौ laces, used to decorate their dresses
Govo  गोवो  path for cows in a village
Gudari  गुदड़ी  a mattress made of used clothes but of small size used for children
Gudaro  गुदड़ौ a mattress made of used clothes
Gumado  गुमड़ौ bowl
Gunthalo  गुंथळौ rope made of khimp
Gurdo  गुड़दो  gold ornament worn by men in ears
Guwad  गुवाड़  village common place, chaupal
Guwadi  गुवाड़ी  residential campus
Guwal  गुवाळ  a cowkeeper, a cowherd
Gwar  ग्वार  crop of semi arid areas used for cattle feed and source of gum
Gyaban  ग्याबन  pregnant (cow)

Haa  हा  were
Haal  हाल  front long pole of plaugh
Haali  हाळी  labour engaged for cultivating field by big farmers in lieu of advances given to him
Hadumanji  हडुमानजी  Lord Hanuman
Hal  हल  plaugh
Hal  हळ  a instrument use for farm work
Halki  हळकी  light, less productive
Halsotio  हलसोतियौ prayer at the start of plaughing a field
Hamal  हामळ  consent
Hamel  हेम्ल  Traditional ornament, which is a string with gold coins
Hangar  हंगार  feeling of motion
Hansali  हंसली  Traditional ornament wore over neck
Haq-haquk  हक़-हकूक  rights
Hardaro  हरदड़ो  a game played with a ball and a stick put on two bricks; game is Rajasthani form of cricket.
Hasal  हासल  cess, tax
Hathai  हथाई  village common place, chaupal
Heli  हेली  haveli, residential building
Helo  हेलो  call with force
Hindo  हिण्डो  a swing
Hingun  हिंगूण  xerophitic plant with hard fruits botanical name Balanites roxburghii
Hivado  हिवडौ heart
Ho  हो  was
Hon  हों  yes
Hun  हूण  death

Ijan  इजां  here
Ijaro  इज़ारौ contract
Inro  इणरौ his
Indi  इण्डी  ring ball type of device put on head by paniharin to carry water pitcher
Induni (Indani)  इण्डुणी (इण्डाणी) see Indi
Irno  इरणौ an arid shrub with strong odour, shrub is liked by camel as a feed
Isar  इसर  god
Isya  इस्या  like this

Jaan  जान  baraat
Jaan'r  जाण'र  knowingly
Jaaniyo  जानीयो  barati
Jaan-pichhan  जाण-पिछाण  aquantance
Jakhdi  जाखड़ी  Song sung to welcome [Batawoo,]husbands of their daughters
Jala जाळ  a pilu fruit tree, net
Jalam  जलम  born
Jaldipeesai  जळ्डीपीसै  to grind teeth with rage
Jalmo  जळ्मो   to give birth
Jalwa  जळवा  Function done after about a month of the delivery. In that function new mother do pooja at the Well and gifts are exchanged between relatives and new mother and after that function the mother start doing routine houshold
Jamanon  जमानौ crop production
Janghiyo  जांघियौ under-wear
Jant  जांट  old khejri tree
Jayedi  जायेड़ी  born
Jeeji  जीजी  Sister
Jeejo  जीजौ Husband of sister
Jeemanar  जीमणार  menu
Jeemo  जीमौ take food
Jeen  जीन  saddle
Jeethani  जीठाणी(जेठाणी)  Wife of husband's elder brother
Jeli  जेळी  Y-shaped agricultural implement used by farmer to carry brushwood etc.
Jer  जेर  the membrane in which foetus develops
Jeth  जेठ  husband's elder brother
Jewadi  जेवड़ी  a rope
Jhair झैर poison
Jhalo  झालौ wave hands to call some body
Jhapo झापौ delivery (by a pregnant woman )
Jhawli  झावली  earthen pot used to keep flour
Jheeni  झीणी  thin, transparent
Jhernon  झेरणौ an implement to churn milk
Jhunwari  झूंआरी  paying respect to a relative by putting tilak on forhead and offering gift
Jinawar  जिनावर  animal
Jo'do  जो'ड़ो  pucca pond, pair
Joont  जूंट  pair of bullocks
Joonth  जूंठ  food material left in dish
Jugali  जुगाळी  cud

Kaal  काळ  famine
Kaamkaraniya  कामकरणिया  workers
Kacho  काचौ unripe
Kacholo  कचोळौ see-batko
Kachro  काचरौ small variety of cucumber used for vegetable and achar
Kadeyee  कदेयी  sometime
Kadeyeeni  कदेयीनीं  not at all, never
Kadhawani  कढावणी  the earthen pot used to boil milk
Kadiyo  कड़ियौ a ring in hand, an ornament worn on legs
Kado  का'डो  take out, an ayurvedic medicine made by boiling roots eg das mool kado
Kae  के  what
Kagad  कागद  paper (d & j are interchangable)
Kagalo  कागलौ crow
kai  कै  howmany
Kair  कैर  xerophitic plant of which fruits are used for pickles and vegetables botanical name Caparis decidua
Kain  कांई  what
Kajal  काजळ  lampblack for use on eyes
Kakadi  काकड़ि  cucumber
Kaki  काकी  aunty
Kako  काकौ father or uncle
Ka'l  का'ल  tomorrow
kalo कालौ foolish
kalo काळौ black
Kalewo  कलेवौ breakfast
Kali  कळी  plates in a cloth, a bud, whitewash, lateral coppice in Bajra plant
Kaljo  काळजौ heart
Kaluns  काळूंस  black colour on cooking utensils due to smoke
Kamal  कामळ  woolen blanket made of sheep wool size normally 24', 36’, 48’
Kamalo  कामळौ woolen blanket made of sheep wool size normally 8'
Kaman  कामण  Magic
Kamangari  कामणगारी  beautiful and sexy woman
Kamangaro  कामणगारौ handsome and sexy man
Kamedi  कमेड़ी  dove bird
Kameen  कमीण  workers, an abuse
Kamp  कांप  a thin fexible mix of clay and water
Kannai  कन्नै near
Kanasun  कनासूं  from somebody
Kanch  कांच  a disorder of rectum (prolapusani)
Kanchali  कांचळी  see aangi, the slough of a snake
Kangasio  कांगसियौ comb
Kankan dora  कांकणडोरा the secred threads put on the hands of bride and bridegroom in marriage are removed and put at the boundary of village when bridegroom returns with bride to his village
Kankar  कांकड़  village boundary
Kanthlo  कांठलौ an ornament worn around neck
Kanwar Kalevo  कंवर कलेवौ ceremony of offering breakfast to bridegroom by bride's side during marriage in which bridegroom along with close friends and associates relish the royal breakfast
Kardyo  करद्‌यौ please do
Karnon padsi  करणौपड़सी  will have to do
Kasio  कसियौ an agricultural implement used for weeding keepinh him standing
Kathai  कठै  where
Katro  कातरौ a larva that damages bajra crop
Keeko  कीको  whose, infant
Kha'ba  खा'बा  to eat
Khaklo  खाकलौ weed resembling bajra crop which is a good fodder for cows
Khalo  खळौ a granary
Khalo kado  खळौ काड़ौ to separate grains from husk etc in a granary
Khatli  खतली  see-gudari
Khato  खातौ with fast speed
Khato  खाटौ curry
Khato-peeto  खातौ पीतौ a well off family
Khedo  खेड़ौ a farm in the vicinity of village
Kheechadi  खीचड़ी  recipe made of daal and rice, kheechad gotra
Kheench  खींच  to pull
Kheslo  खेसलौ a cotton blanket
Kheyee  खेई  twigs of jhadberi or other agricultural plants cut and heaped so that it can be picked up by a 'jeli'
khimp  खींप  a plant fount in Rajasthan
Khodi  खोडी  a type of panjiri
Khoj  खोज  pugmark
Khojo  खोजौ eunuch
Khoslyo  खोसल्यौ take away forcefully
Khotlo  खोतळौ alternate name of jats
Khudda-dari  खुड्डा-दरी  game
Khudko  खुड़कौ explosion, sound of gun or crackers
Khuno खुणौ corner
Khuntitaan'ar sono  खुंटीताण'र सोणौ deep sleep
Khur-khoj  खुर-खोज़  trace
Kijan  कीजां  where
Kiwad  कीवाड़  wooden gate
Kolho  कोळौ a local variety of cucurbit
Koni  कोनी  not
Koompli  कूंपली  thatching by munj in conical shape
Koont  कूंट  corner
Koont  कूंत  to assess especially the production of food grains in advance
Koontaro  कूंतारो  the man who assess the production of food grains in advance
Kooryo  कूरियो  local bhatti to boil milk
Korda  कोरड़ौ rope or leather belt used to beat
Kothar  कोठार  store of food
Kothalio  कोठलियौ a traditional structure made of cow dung and clay for storage of food grains. It is thatched with munj to protect from rains. Ash and neem leaves are put inside to preserve the grains
Kud कुड़ lie
Kuhad  कुहाड़  an axe of heavy weight
Kuhadio  कुहाड़ियौ an axe of light weight
Kun  कुण  who
Kund  कुंड  a deep pucca tank
Kunkeda  कुणकेड़ा  silly man (when called with anger)
Kunto  कुंटौ a chain to lock a gate
Kuo  कुवौ well
Kurdantali  कुरदांतळी  a migratory bird of long peak
Kurjan  कुरजां  migratory bird from siberia
Kurti  कुर्ती  a type of ladies garment
Kush  कुश  lower wood part of plaugh, leaves of kans grass put in heap of grains as a sybbol of respect in the grainary

Laarai  लारै  after somebody
Lagyoda  लाग्योड़ा  engaged
Lahario  लहरियो  odhana of a woman with wavy prints
Lambi  लांबी long (woman)
Lambo  लांबौ long (man)
Lampli  लाम्पळी  variety of watermelon in shape of a long kakadi
Lao  लाव  a strong rope used to pull water from well
Lapsi  लापसी  recipe made of flour
Lawan  लावण  traditional kasheeda
Lawani  लावणी  harvesting
Leero  लीरौ a long piece of land
Lethari  लेदरी  decay of a brick and lime mortar wall due to weathering
Ley'r  लेय'र  after taking
Lhadagi  ल्हादगी  recovered a lost thing
Log  लोग  people
Loon  लूण  salt
Loonkadi  लूंकड़ी  a fox
Lunkyar  लूणक्यार  game
Loontho  लूंठौ heavy or grand
Lugado  लूकड़ौ a mantle of a woman, chunni to cover entire body of a woman
Lukbhinchani  लुकभींचणी  the game of hide and seek
Lugai  लुगाई  wife, woman
Lunkar  लुंकार  a red woolen blanket used by women
Lyojibhai  ल्योजीभाय  delicious food

Maachhar  माछर  Mosquito
Maachhali माछळी Fish
Maakhi  माखी fly
Malzadi  मालज़ादी  silly woman (calling with anger)
Maand  मांड  to write
Maanysun  मांयसूं take out from some thing
Maantho  मांठो  lazy
Majoor  मजूर  labour
Mal-dari  मालदड़ी  game
Malio  माळियौ see chaubaro
Mandaso  मंडासौ a big cloth like blanket is put around head for protection
Mandnan  मांडणां drawings on floor or wall
Mando  मांडौ a pole made of khejadi tree put on the day of marriage of a girl
Mangori  मंगोड़ी  small lumps of pounded pulse dried in the sun, badi in hindi
Manni  मन्नी  Mehandi
Manvar  मनवार  request
Manyla  मांयला  insider
Mamo  मामौ Maternal uncle
Mariliya  मरीलिया an abuse
Marzana  मरज़ाणा  an abuse
Matani  मटाणी  the membrane in which foetus develops and comes out first
Mathai  माथै  for/on this
Matiro  मतीरो   water melon
Maujari  मोजड़ी traditional Rajasthani ladies shoes
Maur  मौर  to take seeds out of bajra seeta
Mauran  मौरण  bajra seeds taken out from green seetas
Morio  मोरियौ peacock
Mauro  मौरो  land of highest sand dune
Mausar  मौसर  the ceremony after death of a person in which all relatives and villagers are invited on food
Mayero  मायरो  see bhaat
Mawali  मावली  goddess
Medi मेड़ी first floor
Meendi  मीण्डी  Plates, zero
Meenjar  मींजर  flowers of khejri tree
Meengni  मींगणी excrata of sheep or goat
Meengna  मींगणा excrata of camel
Mel  मेळ  gettogether ceremony on previous day of marriage by the side of bridegroom
Melo  मेळौ fair
Melo  मेलौ put
Meh  मेह rains
Mekhalio  मेखळियौ shirt of a child
Mero  मेरो   mine
Mharo   म्हारौ mine
Mhanro   म्हांरौ ours
Mhanko  म्हांकौ ours
Mhanai  म्हांनै  to us
Mhe  म्हे  we
Mhai म्है I
Milay'r  मिलाय'र  after mixing or adding
Modo  मोडो   saint, bald
Modo  मोड़ौ late
Mokla  मोकळा  sufficient, very much
Mol मोल Value
Moth  मौठ a desert crop rich in protiens,dal moth
Mothia  मोथिया  a grass with delicious root bulb
Motyar  मोट्यार  husband, youngman
Muddho  मुड्ढो  chair made of munj straws
Mugdano  मुगदणौ green and dried twigs of khejri tree brought from farm on a cart on the day of baan which are worshiped by mother or sister of a boy or girl prior to marriage
Mulkai  मुळकै  smiling
Muklao  मुकलावौ gona, second part of marriage after which the bride starts living with his husband
Mumal  मुमल  Lover (Woman), wife
Mundo  मुंडौ face
Mungho  मूंघौ at higher rates
Munj  मुंज  plant used for thatching, for making ropes, baskets etc botanical name Saccharum munja
Munjee  मुंजी  a miser
Murki  मुरकी  ornament worn by males in the ear in the shape of a ring

Nad  नाड़  neck
Naro  नारौ bull
Nankh  नांख  drop down
Napho  नफौ profit
Nauro  नौरौ campus of a family not used for residential purpose but used to keep animals etc
Nedo  नेड़ौ near
Neemdai  नीमड़ै  to vanish
Neemdo  नीमड़ौ neem tree
Neend नींद sleep
Neto  नेतौ leader
Netro  नेतरो   leather belt used to churn curd
Neza नेजा The flag
Ninan  नीनाण  weeding
Nuto  न्यूंतौ invitation
Nuvon  नुंवौ new
Nyaro  न्यारौ separate family, different

Ochhe  औछै fast
Ochho ओछौ less
Odhanon  ओढणौ a mantle of a woman, chunni to cover entire body of a woman
Ojario  ओजरियौ kind of an odhana or chunari
Ojun  ओजूं  again
Olo  ओलो  to hide face
Olun ओळ्यों  to miss, a Rajasthani song, a tent made up of a grass etc. for cattles
Ola  ओळा  hailstorm
Olakh ओळख Identity
Oriyo ओरियौ Paat (use to make Chappati)
Oto  ओटौ behind something

Paachha  पाछा  back
Paale पाळै go by walk, Pregnant young cow / bedfellow
Paal  पाळ  parapet
Paal  पाल  a mat made of twigs of shrubs used in making a jhompada
Paali  पाळी  shift
Paan  पान  tobacco mixture used for smoking, leaf
Paan  पाण  dependent
Pabuji  पाबुजी  Rajasthani folk-deity
Padi  पाडी  young female buffalow
Pado  पाड़ौ young male buffalow
Paglyo  पगल्यौ step
Paili  पैली  earlier
Pailo  पैलौ first
Pajebs  पाज़ेब  Anklets
Pagro  पागड़ौ a support to legs for a camel or horse rider
Pajao  पज़ाओ  insert some object into a hole
Palo  पालौ leaves of ber shrub dried and used as fodder
Palo  पाळौ severe cold, frost
Pangarai  पांगरै  to grow
Paniharin  पणिहारिन  a woman carrying water from well
Panti  पांती  division, term
Panw  पांव  scabies
Panwdo  पांवड़ौ interval between two steps when one moves
Panwano  पांवणौ guest
Parar परार year before last year
Parban  परबन  management
Parindo  परिण्डौ a place used to keep drinking water
Patola  पटोळा  recipe made of boiled moth or mung or gwar
Paur पौर Last year
Peelapotra  पीळापोतड़ा  on the birth of a male child nai is sent to maternal side with a cloth coloured with turmeric to give a message of birth
Peelo  पीळौ plural peela, Traditional Chunni, which has a Orange coloured circle in the middle supposed to be worn for the first time when a lady gives birth to son and is send by her parents. Peela is supposed to signify that lady is mother of son
Peesa  पीसा  money
Peethi  पीठी  paste made of grounded barley, turmeric and ghee used as a fairness cream
Pesgaro  पेसगारौ the function on next day of return of barat by the side of bridegroom from marriage
Peti  पेटी  box
Peedho  पीढौ seat
Pomcho  पोमचो   traditional Chunni, which has yellow coloured circle in the middle
Phito  फीटो  Turban, stubborn, shameless
Phog  फोग  a shrub found in desert area of Rajasthan. Its roots are used to prepaire charcoal to melt iron. Its flowers, known as Phogalo, are used to prepaire rayata. Phogat gotra is derived from it.Batanical name Calligonam poligonoides
Phogalo  फोगलौ The flowers of Phog, used to prepaire rayata
Phoofo  फूफौ Husband of Father's sister
Pichhan  पिछाण  to recognize, identity
Poli  पोळी  front airy open verandah used by males only
Pugo  पूगौ reach
Pulo  पूळौ bundle of bajra or jwar
Punjali  पूंजळी  heap of bajra seeta
Purani  पुराणी  stick to run the bull
Purkha  पुरखा  ancestors
Phera  फेरा  Ceremony performed during marriage when the couple take Vachan in front of Agni devata
Podhano पौढणौ to sleep
Poonchhgi  पूंछगी  reached
Potho  पोठो  fresh cow dung
Potro  पोतड़ौ napkin of a newly born child
Pyario  प्यारियौ kiss

Qyamkhani  क्यामखानी  a caste of Muslims

Rabadi  राबड़ी  a recipe made of churned curd and flour.
Rado  राड़ो  barn for animals
Rakdi  रकड़ी  Ornament worn on forehead
Ramari  रामारी  silly women (when called with love)
Ramaryo  रामार्यो  silly man (when called with love)
Rangbari  रंगबरी  the ceremony of showing ornaments and clothes of a bride
Rangro  रांगड़ौ alternate name of rajputs
Rasdi  रसड़ी  a game
Ratijogo  रातिजोगो on the first night of marriage all family members sing songs, dance and worship deities without sleeping
Raand  रांड  widow, an abuse
Raandh  रांध  prepare a recipe like rabadi by continuous stirring
Reeto  रीतौ empty
Rewad  रेवड़  herd of sheep
Ripya  रीप्या  rupees
Rohi  रोही  agricultural land of a village
Rohido  रोहीड़ौ a flowering tree found in fields, botanical name Tecomella undulata
Rojina  रोज़ीना  daily
Roonkh  रूंख  tree
Roonkhdi  रूंखड़ी  a weed of bajra crop
Rulta  रुळता  wander without purpose
Rulyoda  रुळ्योड़ा  ruined, of no use
Rungas  रुंगस  dishonesty with bias in somebodies favour
Runsadio  रुंसाड़ियौ wave of spread of a viral infection
Roosno  रूसणौ to became displeased

Saag  साग  vegetable
Saanch  सांच true
Saand  सांड  bull
Saagi  सागी  actual, same
Saa'ro  सा’रौ relief
Saatai  साटै  in exchange
Saawchet  सावचेत  alert
Sabad  सबद  Alphabets
Safakhano सफ़ाखानौ Hospital
Safo  साफौ turban
Sagala  सगळा  all
Sagi  सगी  mother-in-law of one's son or daughter
Sago  सगौ father-in-law of one's son or daughter
Sai'n  सैं  all
Sai'li  सै'ली  heavy (feminine)
Sai'lo  सै'लो  heavy (masculine)
Sain  सैन  explain with expressions without speaking
Sain-paith  सैन-पैठ  knowing each other
Samhaal  समहाळ  take care, sweets gifted to invitees in function
Samthuni  समटुणी  function to honour the baraatis and guests in marriage
Sanani  सनाणी  mark of identification
Sangari  सांगरी  pod of khejri tree
Saniya  सणियौ a good fodder botanical name Crotolarai burhia
Sanwali  सांवळी  light black in colour
Sapanon  सपनों  dream
Saran  सारण  down-sloping pitch of a well over which bulls or camels drag water from a well by rope called Lao, Saran is a Jat gotra
Sarpech  सरपेंच  musculine ornament worn in front on the turban. It was often extended into a golden band set with emeralds, rubies, diamonds.
Sathia  साथिया  when a male child is born in Rajasthan, signs of swastik are made on door by using cowdung.
Sasaro  सासरौ In-lows house
Sato  साटौ a herb which is a good fodder for cattle botanical name Boerhavia diffusa, Marring his doughter and sons in exchange of eachother.
Sedo  सेड़ौ nasal phlegm
Shafo  साफौ Turban
Seelo  सीलौ with moisture
Seero  सीरौ recipe made of flour, sugar and ghee , halwa
Seeto  सीटौ bajra ear head or panicle
Sehlo  सेळौ barati's reception ceremony
Sej  सेज़  bad properly decorated
Sialo  सिंयाळौ winter season
Sinalio  सिंयाळीयौ fox
Sighri सीघरी all members of family invited in some function
Singar  सिणगार  the act of dressing, makeup and putting ornaments by a woman eg 16 singar
Siraman  सिरामण  breakfast
Sinjharo  सिंझारौ function in which gifts are offered to a young lady prior to marriage and after marriage also on the occasion of previous day of teej and gangaur
Sinw  सींव  farm boundary
Sir  सिर  head
Siri  सीरी  partner in farming
Sogri  सोगरी  fruits of radish
Sogaro सोगरौ A chapati mad by jwar or bajara or corn flour
So'gi  सो'गी  gone to sleep
Sood  सूड़  unwanted shrubs cut before cultivation
Soonpo  सूंपो  hand over
Soon  सूं  from
So'ri  सोरी easy (feminine use)
So'ro  सोरौ easy (masculine use)
Soriyo  सोड़ियौ a mattress made of cotton
Suavadti   सुंआवडती  Pregnant woman
Subhito  सुभितौ convenient
Suraliya  सुरलिया  ornament worn in ears
Sunba  सुणबा  for listening
Sunti  सुंटी nabhi in hindi
Sungho  सुंघौ cheap
Sunto  सूंटो  strong rainy winds
Syalia  स्याळिया  through infection
Syat  स्यात  probably, moment
Syami  स्यामी  swami in hindi, a caste engaged in pooja in temples

Tabar  टाबर  child
Taan  ताण rhythm
Tagari  तागड़ी  ornament worn by ladies on the waste
Tain  तांई  till, for
Tangarpatiya  तंगड़पटियौ belts used to fix saddle on camel
Tant  तंत  strength
Tanti  तांती  a sacred thread put in the name of a deity
Tantio  टांटियौ burr
Taparo  टापरौ kind of house
Tarkai  तड़कै  tomorrow
Tarko  तड़कौ early morning
Tat  टाट  she goat
Tato  तातौ hot
Tawado  तावड़ौ sun light
Teej  तीज  festival of swings more centered towards girls. Held during the monsoons, July-August Teej is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati and at this time it is married women who pray for a happy and long married life. Though celebrations are held all over the state, it is particularly colorful in Jaipur where a procession winds its way for two days through the Old City. It is the festival of swings which are decorated with flowers and hung from trees. Young girls and women dressed in green clothes sing songs in celebration of the advent of the monsoon. The Teej idol is covered with a canopy whereas the Gangaur idol is open. Teej is supposed to bring the season opf festivals, a well known saying in rajasthan "TEEJ TUYHARAN LE BHAJI, GANGOUR TOYHARAN LE DOOBEE" also in other areas the saying is Teej tyoharan bawri, le dubee gangaur
Teeko  टीकौ a ceremony of giving gifts to a bride groom prior to his marriage
Teelo  टीलौ sand dune
Teengar  टींगर  Boy
Teengri  टींगरी  girl
Tewato  टेवटौ traditional ornament worn on neck, made of a Gold, worn in group of string of beeds
Tha  ठा  information, to know
Thae  थे  you (in respect)
Thail  ठैळ  gossip
Thakur  ठाकुर  normally a Rajput, Rajpurohit, Jats of Bharatpur also write thakur
Thakurji  ठाकुरजी  Lord Krishna
Thanai  थानै  to you with respect
Thap  थाप  cuff
Thapo  थापौ imprint of hand of bride or bridegroom in mehandi or haldi
Tharo  थारौ yours
Tharpyodo  थारप्योड़ा  imposed
Thedo  ठेड़ौ place to stay
Thikanon  ठिकाणौ place of staying, a relation
Thodo  थोड़ौ little
Thodai  थोड़ाई  few
Thukres  ठुकरेस  to act and behave like thakur
Thyawas  थ्यावस  patience
Tibari  तिबारी  a kachcha structure three gates made of bricks and plastered with gobar or lime
Tibaaro  तिबारौ a pucca open verandah with three gates
Tibaro  टीबड़ौ sand dune
Tibo  टीबौ sand dune
Tingar  टींगर  male child
Tingari  टींगरी  female child
Titudi  टीटुड़ी  a bird with long peak, tithari
Tinwala  तिंवाळा  giddiness
Togadi टोगड़ी young cow
Toontiyo  टूंटियौ entertainment progrrame performed by ladies in the house of bride groom when the males are out on baarat , also a man with one hand
Topalo  टोपलौ dress of a child
Toradi टोरड़ी young camel
Toran  तोरण  a symbol of victory put on the door of dulhan on arrival of baraat,Been comes and touches it with his sward or a neem or Zhaadi [berry] stick
Tumo  तूमौ bitter gourd
Thu, Thun  तूं  you (singular)
Tussi  तूस्सी  necklace

Ubho  ऊबो  to stand
Udhai  उधाई  white ants
Udham  उधम  uproar, disturbance
Udik  उडिक wait
Ughado  उघाड़ौ uncover
Ukal  उकाळ  to boil
Ujalo  उजाळो  light, brightness
Ujano  उजणो  to do udyapan eg Gaur ujano
Umaro  ऊमरो  the line on earth made by a plough for sowing seeds
Un उण current year
Undho उन्धौ not straight
Undro  उन्दरौ mouse
Unhalo  ऊन्हळौ summer season
Uno  ऊनौ reverse, upside down, Hot
Unwaro  उंवारौ encircle money over some bodies head and gift him
Upad  उपाड़  to uproot
Upalo  उपाळौ on foot
Uprant  उपरांत  a quilt made of used clothes in place of cotton
Urai  उरै  near
Uranio  उरणियौ young sheep
Utaradh  उतराध  north direction
Uut  ऊत  bad son
Utaval  ऊतावळ  Urgency
Utavalo  ऊतावळौ fast

Vanko वांकौ bent
Vaste  वास्तै For
Vanko  वांकौ not straight,
Veer  वीर  Brother
Vesh  वेश  pair of chunadi and ghagra gifted to ladies
Vyalu  व्याळू  dinner