Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Are you Rajasthani?????

If yes, then please note down that RAJASTHANI is our language and not HINDI......... Please don't use this language as this language is destroying our culture and our language.

Since last 60 years all people of our rajasthan are using HINDI, just because of this we are still Underdeveloped as a state.

Because of HINDI, Following are main problems in Rajasthan:
  • There is huge unemployment in Rajasthani people, because anyone who knows HINDI can apply for job in Rajasthan and work there. If you know, Rajasthan is very low populated state and UP & BIHAR are higly populated area. They don't get job there and apply in Rajasthan.·
  • Almost all the call centre relating to Mobile phone, Electricity, Gas and many more use HINDI as the only language and no one is using Rajasthani. Because of this many people from UP, Bihar, MP, Punjab, Himachal, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh are getting jobs at these call centres in Rajasthan and because of this lots of Rajasthanies are losing their jobs in their own state.
  • All the education system in Rajasthan is in HINDI; because of this people from UP & BIHAR are getting jobs to teach all most all the subjects in Rajasthan. This is one of the reasons of Unemployment.

Now you will ask what does this matter, INDIA is one country and anyone can work anywhere:

  • In other state like Maharashtra, Gujarat. All the jobs are based on their own language so all the people of the state are getting first chance and prefrence to get jobs there. Rajasthani, some passing graduation and some leave in-between. They run out of the state because they are not able to get job in Rajasthan. ·
  • These Rajasthanies who run away from state are become Chay-wala, Bhangar-wala etc in other state.

Influence of HINDI on Rajasthan and Rajasthani culture:

  • People hesitate to speak Rajasthani. Most of families nowdays speak HINDI to talk in between family. If they do so... where is the family value remain? We are just like stranger in our own family (because we speak with strangers in HINDI)·
  • People think that whoever speak Rajasthani are Anpadh-Ganwar·
  • We lose our cultural value and lose our ancestor's connections·
  • Because of HINDI there is huge unemployment in Rajasthan and Rajasthan remain under-developed.·
  • We already lost two of our own scripts in which we were writing our language (Many people are asking ''is there any script of Rajasthani language?'', yes there was which we have already forgotten)·
  • Rajasthani language is now corrupt. Nowdays lots of HINDI words are mixed with Rajasthani. Because of this we lost lots of original Rajasthani words from our language.

There are many more to say, but I think you will notice many more thing from this. This is 60 years time period in INDIA. We have lost many things. Our state is still poor. Just wake-up and join us to fight for our state, our culture and our language.

Just remember, your language is RAJASTHANI.... You are known as Rajasthani or Marwadi. If you don't speak your Rajasthani or Marwari, then I don't think you will be identified as Marwari in near future. Don't lose your identity.

Jai Rajasthan, Jai Rajasthani

From The son of Marudhar des Rajasthan,

HanvantSingh Rajpurohit

(Proud to be Rajasthani)